Matsoba Business Enterprises was founded in 2004 and in 2008 the founding partners agreed to expand their business operations hence, the establishment of a trading company under one entity called Matsoba Petroleum. The Company is 100% Black owned and 70% woman, with a B-BBEE contribution Level 1.
Matsoba Petroleum trading, distribute and sourcing all Petroleum Products, throughout South Africa.

Our unique ability is that we understanding the niche of the Fuel market, is all about price and constant supply of the product, which makes us an invaluable partner in the Petroleum Industry.
We continue to strive, to position ourselves as a significant Petroleum Products Supplier to the South African market.




Mrs Collet Schiel:
Position:              CEO of Matsoba Business Enterprises

Mr Rudy Schiel:
Position:              Director
Responsibilities: Project Manager


Management acting as an access point to a vast and highly professional network, working as one team, formidable connections in the industry, committed and dedicated to sourcing / allocation & service customers requirements and needs.



Integrity is at the top of our list - we remain true and loyal to ourselves, our business and our clients
Service excellence - always striving to delight our clients
Knowledge is power - we embrace ongoing self-improvement