We provide 100% quality Petroleum Products, direct from the REFINIRIES. All Products conform within the required national specifications of South Africa:
  • Diesel 500PPM
  • Diesel 50PPM
  • Illuminating Paraffin
  • Aviation Fuel / Lubricants
  • Oil Lubricants / Greases
  • LP Gas
  • Petrol 93 & 95
  • Solar Panels


Distribution of Solar Panels


We Deliver – through reputable Transport Companies to:

  • Provide our customers with fast & on time delivery to their premises;
  • Customers can collect from designated uplifting points;

We provide other add on services, developing ongoing solutions to cater for any petroleum product related requirements a customer may have.

We aim to simplify the ordering process, up until the product are safely delivered or uplifted to our customer’s premises.

We strive to provide the most cost effective fuel supply solutions that conform to the highest standards of service, delivery and safety. We ensure our customers are guaranteed a constants supply & support. Operating at all levels with small and big Petroleum Companies.